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Kailey Willetts

I sometimes need to remind myself that I'm 5 stone lighter than when I first started. So to kickstart things I've been taking ebody tablets to give me a little extra push. I've never been one for taking tablets but they've really helped with the energy and motivation, and I'm already seeing a difference after 2 weeks!

Becca Medlin

I've recently been using these CLA's from eBody to help reduce the amount of fat my body stores, I've seen such a difference already!

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James (The Director)

As the director of a health and fitness company we think it's vitally important that the man at the helm practises what he preaches.

His journey started from 17.5 % body fat, looking a little like the man behind the desk who wasn't shy of a cake or two. 6 months later using just T5 Hardcore along with a clean diet and lots of hard training behind him, he recorded some fantastic stats, with a weight of 84.7kg and body fat 9.1%

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Christine Wenham

The bits of weight I had around my hips, even after the 30 day challenge was still there, it was incredibly difficult to shift. I tried everything, except starving myself (which I'll never do..)Never starve yourself. After using T5, the fat went, after two half weeks. I was shocked. The definition is slowly coming along; I am eager to go on this fitness journey and for you to be on it with me!

It works and it's ridiculous how good I look right now. It's okay to say how good you look after hard work - no pain no gain!

Pictures to prove it! Woo!

Julia Ruizfdz

E-body taken..Great To be able to have an extra push and strenght for a long day! Lets see The difference!

Mimi Griffin

Have been taking the T5 weight loss tablets for a few weeks now, started with one a day now on to two per day. I can definitely feel a different only small as of yet but am pleased so far. The caffeine in the tablets is very noticeable, which is good as you feel as if it's doing its job. I can notice the difference in my body mainly on my legs, this is where I tend to hold my weight and am most conscious of so feeling as if they are slimming is amazing. I have tried to take the CLA 1000 but think it was abit much for me to take both at the same time. You get an after taste from the CLA for the day, nothing bad but can taste youv taken something. I will start taking these ones properly once iv finished the T5. Hope this is helpful.


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Lucy Scarfe

I've only been taking eBody supplements for two weeks but im already starting to notice the difference in my body. I no longer feel the need to snack in between meals which is great! Im feeling fuller for longer. I'm hoping to see a difference in my muscle definition soon so will be watching this space with anticipation. :) Thanks eBody !

Simona Mauriello

Ive been taking ebody for 1.5 weeks so far, increase energy during workouts so im getting more done. Also boost stays throughout the day. So far so good, body trimming up nicely

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Lianna Jane

I have been taking the CLA's for a month now and they have really helped my progress of developing my muscle tone. I have always worked out and kept fit but since taking the CLA's I have seen massive improvements ad they have been a positive addition to my daily regime. I would definitely recommended them to anyone who is working on their physique!

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Georgina Stone

This T5 is the best of its kind. You can tell straight away when you receive the item in-hand that it's quality and with a bit of research on Google reveals how much care has gone into selecting the ingredients and quantity per serving.

It gives you a tremendous energy boost to hammer through workouts. I have less of an appetite now and I don’t even think about food which used to ruin my dieting.

I recommend this product to everyone who has need of more energy, weight loss, and a helping hand with sticking to a diet plan.

P Fairbrother

These are the best and safest pills I’ve used yet. Other pills left me buzzed on caffeine and agitated, but these do the trick without leaving me tripping or unable to sleep.

I’ve lost inches and pounds in the months I’ve been taking them and have gone down a whole shirt size. My too-tight jeans are now slipping down and I’ve even had to buy new ones on some cases.

These are the only pills I’ll stick with now. Safe and top notch. I’ll be buying more!

M Hussain

I am currently going through a fitness phase. Just doing everything I can to lose my weight. I thought I would give the T5 hardcore a try.

First off all I was sceptical with the high stars by other verified users...
As companies are known to create fictitious accounts or users get paid to carry out reviews...

However, rest assured everyone in my personal opinion this perhaps the best supplement I have purchased in recent times.

I have had this for couple of days now.

All i can say it is some powerful tablets.. I took one early morning and then went to football. I had the most energy and played my best football due to my energy levels,
Then I had one in the afternoon around 4pm.

Don't take one late as I couldn't go sleep till 2am in the morning. But it does the job, gives you a boost before a workout and thus should reflect in your weight loss.

This is not a miracle cure.. but if you are like me i.e. working out as much as you can and eating well then this does help,

Will I buy this again.. yes I would until I get to my recommended weight. Then I will obviously stop as too much caffeine may not healthy..

This is a true reflection on my experience it may work for some and for some it may not too. But for me it worked :)

Disclaimer: Weight Loss results may vary based on individual user
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