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Cowhide Gym Wrist Grip Weight Lifting Straps

Cowhide Gym Wrist Grip Weight Lifting Straps

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Experience the ultimate grip with our pain free cowhide lifting wrist straps. Unlike traditional straps that can put pressure on the wrists, our straps allow the weight to rest on the base of the hand for maximum stability and support. These premium grips are thicker and more flexible than other options on the market, and feature an extra-wide velcro strap to provide the best support possible. Plus, they can help you avoid common issues like carpel tunnel and vestibular damage that can come from using conventional straps. Whether you're a seasoned lifter or just starting out, these lifting grips will help you lift with complete control and confidence.

LIMITED EDITION - Experience the benefits of our limited edition lifting grips, made of high-quality cowhide leather and reinforced rubber.

PATENT PENDING - These grips feature the world's newest patent pending anti-slip technology, which is superior to typical gym straps. 

NO MORE PAINS - Say goodbye to typical wrist wraps, as these grips come with a built-in wrist support wrap for enhanced comfort.  No more slips or chaffing with the ample padding, which protects the palms and provides a tight grip.

ERGONOMICALLY ENGINEERED - With safety in mind, these grips offer maximum protection for the wrist.

NATURAL COLOUR GRIPS - From real cowhide the colour of the grips may vary due to the natural leather used in their construction.  Get your pair today and start lifting with confidence!

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