T5 Maxcore Value Pack


T5 Maxcore Value Pack

Save 15% when purchasing a 3 bottles of our original T5
Fat Burner that decreases hunger while increasing energy levels for rapid weight loss results.


  • Ideal for beginners who are unsure where to begin with fat burners and are frustrated with lack of results from regular exercise
  • Speeds up metabolism to help burn off more fat than you would from exercise alone
  • Gets rid of tiredness so you can work out harder for longer in order to achieve real results in less time
  • Helps achieve a toned figure by burning fat from stubborn areas
  • Suitable for men and women

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Product Description

Save 15% when purchasing 3 bottles of our T5 Maxcore, which actively targets fatty areas, rather than water weight or muscle mass, meaning you can achieve healthy results in quicker time. Do you feel a lack of control over your appetite is also part of the problem? Then this fat burner will help make those side effects disappear as it suppresses hunger while giving you a prolonged energy boost, meaning you are still able to work out at your best, without feeling tired or hungry.


To find out your dosage tolerance for our T5 Max Strength fat burners, start by consuming just one capsule a day for the first seven days. If you feel you are ready for a higher dosage, you can boost your intake to two capsules a day.

For both dosage amounts, please follow the usage guidelines:

  • Take capsules on an empty stomach, or at least 30 minutes before eating
  • Leave a six hour gap between your first and second capsule
  • Aim to drink eight glasses of water a day, especially on the days you are exercising
  • Take the second pill at least four hours before bedtime so that your sleep pattern is not disrupted.

NOTE: If you exercise in the four hours before going to bed, you can still reap the benefits of T5 Max Strength for up to three hours after consumption.

To enhance your results:

  • Eat small meals frequently to maintain a fast metabolism (5-6 meals a day)
  • Decrease your intake of refined carbohydrates, replacing with complex carbohydrates where possible
  • Avoid fast food and fizzy drinks which can hinder the benefits of a fat burner

Do not exceed the recommended dosage allowance. Only use as directed.

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T5 Fat Burner


Disclaimer: Weight Loss results may vary based on individual user

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