T5 Hardcore Value Pack


T5 Hardcore Value Pack

Save 15% when purchasing 3 bottles of our most advanced T5 Fat Burner that targets the most stubborn body fat first to accelerate weight loss results.

  • Increases metabolism which will help you see quicker weight loss results from your exercise regime
  • Targets fat rather than water and essential minerals, helping you to lose weight in a healthier, more effective way
  • Experience increased energy levels just one hour after consuming
  • Ideal for experienced T5 fat burner users who want to speed up weight loss from common problem areas
  • Suitable for men and women

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Product Description

Save 15% when purchasing 3 bottles of our T5 Hardcore fat burner, ideal for those who have tried regular fat burners, but are looking for even quicker weight loss results. If you have already tried the original T5 Max Strength fat burner, our T5 Hardcore is the next step up. Do you feel you need an extra push of energy to intensify your current fitness regime? T5 Hardcore will help you achieve your ultimate goals by providing you with even more energy than regular fat burners, while also accelerating fat loss by suppressing the appetite and increasing your metabolism.


To check your tolerance for this advanced fat burner, start by consuming just one capsule a day of T5 Hardcore. If you feel you are ready for a higher dosage, you can boost your intake to two capsules a day.

For both dosage amounts, please follow the usage guidelines:

– Take capsules on an empty stomach, or at least 30 minutes before eating
– Leave a six hour gap between your first and second capsule
– Aim to drink eight glasses of water a day, especially on the days you are exercising
– Take the second pill at least four hours before bedtime so that your sleep pattern is not disrupted.

NOTE: If you exercise in the four hours before going to bed, you can still reap the benefits of T5 Max Strength for up to three hours after consumption.

To enhance your results:

– Eat 5-6 small meals a day to maintain a faster metabolism
– Decrease your consumption of refined carbohydrates and replace with complex carbohydrate where possible
– Avoid fast food and fizzy drinks to experience the full effects of your fat burner

Do not exceed the recommended dosage allowance. Only use as directed.

As with T5 Max Strength, T5 Hardcore is based on eBody’s T5 Stack model that combines ingredients equivalent in strength to the traditional ECA stack. In addition to bitter orange and green tea extract, other key ingredients include:

Guarana Seed Extract (75mg) – Originating from the guarana plant (guaranine) in South America, Guarana seed extract contains more caffeine than coffee beans and has been known to reduce fatigue, resulting in improved physical stamina and performance.

Cayenne Pepper – The cayenne pepper includes the active ingredient capsaicin, which has been known to decrease appetite and boost metabolism for effective weight loss results.

L-Tyrosine – This amino acid has many health benefits for the mind and body, including improving overall alertness which results in a more intense and productive workout.

Full ingredient List per capsule:
Bitter Orange Fruit Powder 500mg, Green Tea Extract 400mg, Cayenne Pepper 200mg, Caffiene Anhydrous 150mg, L-Tyrosine 100mg, Kola Nut 75mg, Guarana Seed Extract 75mg – Gelatin Capsule, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, FD&C Yellow #6, FD&C Red #3, Titanium Dioxide (color).

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Disclaimer: Weight Loss results may vary based on individual user

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