When should I take T5 Fat Burners?

When should I take T5 Fat Burners?

T5 Fat Burners are dosed to be taken twice per day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

The best time to take t5 fat burners in the morning is on waking and preferably 30 minutes before eating. Why do we say this? Firstly, your body’s metabolism is at its slowest when you sleep, so by taking your t5 fat burners first thing in the morning will get you feeling more energetic, alert and ready to go. By consuming your T5s on an empty stomach allows for them to be absorbed much quicker, as they aren’t competing for digestion with previously consumed food. You will also feel less hungry than you would without and therefore you can manage your caloric intake easy when it comes to eating breakfast 30 minutes later.

If you workout in the morning, even better as you can delay eating until after your workout and benefit from fasted exercise with a t5 fat burner.

For the second dose, we suggest taking your t5s in the early afternoon preferably before eating or on an empty stomach and at least 6 hours after your morning dose. If you’re working out towards the evening, then you can delay your dose to further in the day around 3-4pm. However, please do not take any later than 5 hours before bed, else you will struggle to sleep.

Following the above guidance you will find what works best for you. Take pictures before starting your course of t5 fat burners and review your progress every 2 weeks.  Best results are observed 6-8 weeks from starting.
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