How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks: 7 easy weight loss tips

How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks: 7 easy weight loss tips

Over the past few weeks I have had more than 5 people write to me asking  ‘is it possible to lose weight fast in 2 weeks’.  Understandably, a lot of people are struggling with weight loss issues. It could be that people are looking forward to the summer and want to achieve that smashing summer body or just want to look amazing.

Whichever the case, the good news is that losing a few pounds in two weeks in very possible. However, you have to understand that losing some 8lbs in 2 weeks will call for discipline and employing an effective and healthy plan to see you through your weight loss plan. Weight loss is never easy, especially if you are just starting out. As a fitness and weight loss coach, I have put together the following 7 tips on how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks.

1. Move those carbs to the end of the day

One of the best ways to kick-start your 2 week weight loss plan is by reducing or eliminating those carbs from your morning diet to a later time in the day. You can easily lose several pounds by just following through a low-carb diet. This fact can be backed by research. Many studies indicate that reducing your carbs intake is a very effective way of losing your weight and improving your health.

I advise that you try to reduce your sugar and white carbs like white bread, potatoes or oatmeal among others. It is going to be such a big surprise but it is going to be totally worth it. However, you can replace your diet with low-carb vegetables and increase your fish, lean, lean meat and eggs intake. You will start noticing a difference as soon as two days into your 2 week weight loss plan.

2. Consider introducing the 33/33/33 macro split

Macro split 33/33/33 is a bodybuilding diet that you can infuse in your daily diet to help you maintain a balanced diet throughout your 2 weeks of weight loss. The diet involves taking 33% calories from proteins, 33% calories from carbohydrates and 33% calories from fats.

Although there is no such thing as a perfect diet, switching up your diet will go a long way in helping you lose weight. If you have been asking yourself how to lose weight in a fortnight, this is one of the ways to do it. Of course, you can vary these percentages depending on your weight loss needs. However, if you are starting out, this is the best way to go.

3. Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is also a great way of cutting down on your weight. The technique allows your digestive system to catch up. It is a way of teaching the body to make use of your stored fat and transforming it to energy.

You don’t have to forego all your meals. How to lose weight in a fortnight is not a punishment. I recommend that you try as much as possible to take your supper before 8 pm then forego your breakfast the next morning. That means the next time you will be eating will be around noon of the following day.

This way, you will give your body approximately 16 hours to completely process everything in your digestive system while relying on stored fat for your energy. If you are starting, you can opt to take a small 100 calorie protein shake or protein yoghurt for breakfast then try to get rid of those slowly.

Fasting creates a calorific deficit automatically. When you fast, you burn more calories than you consume, which creates a calorific deficit. Therefore, skipping breakfasts can help create an average of 500-600 calorific deficit in both men and women. That’s all the calories you have burned by just skipping breakfast.

4. No cheat days for you

As mentioned earlier, weight loss is not easy and especially if you want to know how to lose weight in 2 weeks. It calls for self-discipline and sacrifice. You may be tempted to take a cheat day. This will only be detrimental to losing weight fast in 2 weeks.

I would not advise taking a cheat day during this period. In my experience, some people don’t know how or when to hit the brakes. It is a clear show of the lack of self-control. In the long run, your 2 weeks weight loss strategies will just go down the drains.

5. Get some good sleep

Sleep works for several things, including weight loss. If you don’t get enough of it, chances are you will lower your willpower. Once you lack willpower, your decision-making abilities are lowered and that means throwing away your weight loss strategy is very easy.

Many people who have a tendency of sleeping late into the night have a habit of eating late into the night. Eating at such hours is not good for your digestive system, considering that most foods people eat at such late ours are junk.

Adequate sleep will enable the proper functioning of your hormones. If you have a hormonal imbalance, you can easily be thrown off your 2-week weight loss plan.

6. Take walks

If you are not hitting the gym, you can always do something outside of the gym like taking random walks. Walking is a form of exercise and it also keeps you physically active. It is the easiest form of exercise that you can incorporate in your weight loss regimen.

Did you know that taking just an hour walk can help you burn 100 more calories? Amazing, right? Then why not just go out for an hour or so and walk around the trails? It is not only a good way of preventing muscle loss but also helps in keeping your mind clear.

7. Take multivitamin supplements

How to lose weight in 2 weeks calls for burning more calories than you consume. Exercising and supplementing that with multivitamin supplements is a great way of burning more of those calories. They are essential in boosting your metabolism rate that will aid in losing weight.

If you take multivitamin supplements during your 2 weeks weight loss plan, they can help you men lose weight more efficiently while helping women control hunger. This is a fact backed by research. For women, controlling hunger will mean that they don’t get to eat as they often would, meaning that they will not be consuming more calories.

Drinking lots of water

Water is important for detoxification. Drinking lots of water in your 2-week plan will help you a great deal. Water flushes out your system, getting rid of any unnecessary toxins that are detrimental to your weight loss plan. Furthermore, drinking lots of water increases your metabolism rate. Since it is free of calories, it is the best substitute for sugary drinks like fruit juices and carbonated drinks. However, don’t replace meals with water, just drink it often.

Final Word

If you are serious about how to lose weight in 2 weeks, you have to be focused right from the start. This means that there will be no cheat days, you have to drink lots of water, take walks, exercise more, take your multivitamins and skip those breakfasts. Don’t forget to take pictures before you start and after your two weeks plan and remember to weigh yourself daily.

You can always include T5 Fat Burners to aid in your weight loss plan. They will help you lose more fat than just using diet and exercises alone. At the end of your plan, you will not only look good but also feel good. If it worked that good, why not continue?
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