Do T5 Fat Burners work?

Do T5 Fat Burners work?

Our team have created T5 fat burners that really work, as they contain working ingredients with the correct amount of extract ratios to have a positive effect on weight loss.  Based on the legacy ECA stack our t5 fat burners are simply the best t5 fat burners on the market today and we stand by our work, because our T5s will help you to lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

How have we built our T5s?

We have built our T5s from the ground up by carefully researching and looking at actual studies of the effectiveness of those ingredients in humans.  Using those ingredients with a history of results and not just the next ingredient shown on a daytime television program. 

Our high-quality sourced extracts are what sets us apart from the rest.  As an example, in T5 Hardcore, our Green Coffee Extract at 20:1 is dosed at 112.5mg per serving, which is equivalent to 2,250mg of Green Tea leaves.  Yes, over 2 grams and why do we include so much?…because that is what is required to make a difference.

We believe that a good supplement company should be looking at research and providing you the ingredients that make the most difference with a track history and evidence, not the latest synthetic powder to come out of a Chinese laboratory.


Why do some of our T5s have so many capsules per serving?

Our supplements contain much higher amounts of working ingredients per serving and this isn’t so they last longer.  In fact, T5 Hardcore with 180 capsules isn’t so you have 3 months supply.  For the ingredients to make a difference they need to be at high enough quantities per serving.  We believe you need the right amounts per serving of each ingredient to make a difference.  Expect that with T5 Hardcore you will be consuming 6 capsules per day split into 2 intervals, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.


We don’t hide behind proprietary blends or abbreviated names. 


If we list an ingredient on our labels, we list the full name along with the extract ratios and milligrams, so you know exactly what you’re getting.  I have a supplement from another brand in front of me as I write.  It’s got an awesome sounding catchy fat burning name and it contains an underwhelming Green Coffee Extract at 5mg, but it does not list the extract quality ratio, so this could be strong or weak, so since this hasn’t been listed on the label, we have to assume it’s less than 4:1 ratio.   This capsule containing 5mg of green tea extract with an equivalent 20mg of green tea simply isn’t going to contain enough of the active chemicals to be effective in weight loss.

You’ve probably heard of green tea, you may even have drank some from time to time, as a hot beverage and there are studies to the effectiveness of this ingredient.  The effectiveness of green tea comes from the catechins and alkaloids.  However, if you buy a supplement that simply displays 100mg of “green tea” on the label it’s more than likely just the leaves and not the essential extracts you need. 

Just so you know, a 100mg of Green Tea Extract at 20:1 ratio is vastly superior to 100mg Green Tea.  In fact 100mg of Green Tea Extract at 20:1 is equivalent to 2,000mg of Green Tea.

You will see on some other fat burning products from other manufacturers proprietary blends, which is measured at the total quantity of all ingredient weight behind a fancy name.  In this case the quantity is 410mg of two ingredients, Raspberry Ketone Extract and Citrus Auranthium.  What we do not know is how much of the 410mg is Citrus Auranthium powder and how much is Raspberry Ketone extract, 50/50, 80/20 or 1/99 – We simply don’t know. 

Do other t5 fat burners work? 


I cannot possibly say, but other products claiming to be T5s that we’ve had a look at leave something to be desired.  What do I mean by this?  I would ask anyone who is interested in purchasing a T5 fat burner or any other fat burner to look at the label and look at the ingredients, the strength of extracts and the quantity.  I would also advise to look at the ingredients themselves and how they are listed on the label.  The more general and less specific an ingredient the more you should be concerned.  This can very easily be overlooked, but I’m hoping that as someone who is serious about weight loss, you’re use to reading labels on the food you consume.

As a buyer of weight loss supplements you place your trust in the manufacturer that the ingredients included are at effective doses and yields, but sadly all too often we find products that contain ingredients with inferior quality and quantity.  It’s a sad reality, but many weight loss firms driving force is profit rather than delighting their customers with products that achieve the best results in weight loss from the latest Nutraceutical research.


Be careful not to just buy any product claiming to be a T5 fat burner, they are just not the same.  In order for us to distinguish our T5 fat burners we have had to trademark our labels to stop other companies copying our names and selling inferior quality products.  Our original T5 is registered with the Intellectual Property Office as “T5 Maxcore” and our advanced not for beginners T5 is registered as “T5 Hardcore”.  Nobody else can use these names and so protecting our products brand is very important to ensure quality.


You may find a supplement that has a ton of ingredients ( I like to call this the kitchen sink approach), but if you look into the amounts of ingredients provided, they aren’t enough for you to benefit from any positive effects.  There are also ingredients where the extracts are the most important part of that botanical, but yet they are excluded, and the manufacturer doesn’t mention this.

Why do other fat burner brands and products disappear overtime? 

Well they never worked in the first place and the main ingredients were hyped.    

Why don’t we use bitter orange in our T5s?

We have noticed that there are some Fat Burner manufacturers that use bitter orange, as some kind of replacement for ephedrine (banned ingredient).  If that fat burner is produced in the EU, under EU laws and regulatory protections, then the ingredient is useless and nothing more than a marketing stunt.  The extract yield synephrine is why bitter orange (Citrus Auranthium) became so popular and was first included in a fat burner after the Ephedrine days.  Sypnehrine like ephedrine is banned in the EU for sale as a food supplement, so if you think you’re getting synephrine in your 100mg of bitter orange, it’s most likely just the powder and contains no active ingredients, you might as well have some marmalade.

Please take the time to browse our website and look through the T5s and their reviews.
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