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Why are chromium supplements good for your health and weight loss?

Posted by eBody on January 8th, 2020

Chromium is an essential mineral that can be found naturally in the environment or in certain foods. It can otherwise be described as a trace element that us is quite essential that comes either as trivalent chromium or hexavalent chromium. In most cases, the hexavalent form of chromium is mostly useful in ink, dyes, plastics and pigments thus it is highly considered as unsafe to handle directly because it can easily cause skin irritations. Furthermore, hexavalent chromium is highly toxic and that reason, it should e avoided unless it is for industrial use.

The form of chromium that this article is going to focus on is the trivalent form, which is naturally found in healthy foods. It is requirement for the body in order to perform effectively since the bodies themselves do have the ability to produce chromium elements. It is considered as an essential trace element because the body only needs a very small percentage of it to effectively perform its tasks. Although it is needed in small portions, the lack of it can easily affect the body’s ability to lose weight.

Chromium and Weight Loss

More often than not, most people find themselves frustrated because they work out with a lot of resilience but at the end of it all there are little to no results at all. In most cases, it may be attributed to an underlying cause at the cellular level. One of the reasons why working out does not bring forth encouraging results is insulin resistance. This condition can easily lead to a prediabetic state. This state is detrimental to the well-being of the body because it will eventually lead to type two diabetes.

As someone who has been in the supplement industry for sometime, I can confidently state that keeping fit and weight loss are always accompanied by healthy diets and exercise regimens. This is because when you put your body in a state where it is nutritionally balanced, you will definitely feel it perform at optimal levels. Food is like fuel to the body. The body needs such fuel to enable it repair its muscles and reduce instances of hunger. Therefore, when you feed your body with the correct nutrients will go a long way in making your body seek food to fill that void.

One important nutrient that the body needs to achieve that end is chromium because it is instrumental in helping the body utilise food for energy. Upon ingestion, the digestive system now takes control in processing the food eaten and turning it into glucose to act as a fuel source for the body cells. Once glucose is effectively broken down, it is transferred to the bloodstream to feed the body cells.

On the other hand, the pancreas is responsible for the production of insulin, which in turn facilitates the absorption of glucose by body cells from the bloodstream. For this reason, if there is surplus of glucose in the bloodstream, then it increases the need for the amount of insulin required to process the glucose. When we eat food to regulate the amount of glucose that is circulating in our bloodstream, then the level of insulin produced spikes to effectively absorb the extra glucose.

Regulating the amount of glucose in our bodies is a very crucial endeavour because a surplus of glucose levels can easily cause damage to our blood vessels through oxidative stress, which will eventually lead to atherosclerosis . This is the reason why diabetic people are at a high risk of getting stroke or heart disease. Surplus amounts of glucose can also cause damage to the nerves and that is why diabetic individuals with uncontrolled diabetes are highly vulnerable to experiencing cases of neuropathy because they cut off the ability of the nerves to send any signals.

This is where chromium comes in. Together with insulin, chromium works hand in hand with other elements to reduce the chances of neuropathy and other associated conditions since they effectively prevent any damage that the surplus glucose could have caused. Chromium functions by binding itself to a glucose transporter and eliminates the glucose through the door. This means that if there is inadequate levels of glucose in the body, the surplus glucose will just sit there and wait to re-enter the bloodstream causing the body to eventually downgrade its receptors. This downgrade causes a vicious cycle of false information in the body where the body thinks that it does not have enough insulin thus the pancreas produces more, which in turn causes the body to produce more glucose. This causes sugar cravings thinking that it will cause a balance.

Therefore, in the event the surplus glucose is not reduced by insulin, the body will be instructed to store the glucose as fat. Insulin is responsible for watching over the storage of fat and the release of signals of when to release. The presence of chromium will ensure that this vicious cycle of false information is stopped from the start since it would work hand in hand with insulin to ensure that glucose is pushed out the door meaning that the levels of insulin in the bloodstream will significantly reduce causing a reduction the craving for carbohydrates and sugars hence causing weight loss.

Chromium Health Benefits

Chromium plays a vital role in the metabolism of glucose in the body. On the other hand, it also plays a role in creating a balance that is responsible for preventing insulin resistance. The balance is necessary in reducing the risk of type two diabetes. Many people have deficiency of chromium because they do not eat and maintain healthy diets. Older people are also at risk of chromium deficiency because there body system do not efficiently absorb nutrients.

Symptoms of chromium deficiency

Some of the most common symptoms that could point towards the direction of chromium deficiency in the body include:

Sugar metabolism problems.
Delayed ability to heal.
Altered metabolism of cholesterol.

To experience the chromium health benefits, it is recommended that individuals take about 25 micrograms of chromium through the consumption of such chromium foods as turkey breast, potatoes, broccoli, green beans, vegetables, grains or lean meat among other chromium foods.

Apart from chromium foods, there some chromium supplements in the market and the best chromium supplement is the chromium picolinate that is rich in chromium mineral. A natural chelator, the picolinic acid facilitates the better absorption of chromium by surrounding it with neutral molecule that allow delivery into the cell membranes. Chromium mineral can also find its way to the body through glycinate but is relatively uncommon. The mineral is tied to the amino acid glycine.  It is important to note that all of these supplements primarily perform the same function and that is why athletes and bodybuilders go for them because it enhances their performance.

Bottom line
These among other reasons is why it is important to include chromium mineral in your healthy diet taking a recommended amount of approximately 200 mcg per day. However, it is important to note that excessive supplementation of chromium can cause complications or problems with the kidney, skin through dermatitis because chromium benefits skin, kidney or gastrointestinal tract. Once you have introduced supplementation of chromium, ensure that you start taking foods rich in chromium slowly to replace the supplementation over the course of time. That is why I not only run a supplements company in UK but also go beyond my call of duty to provide you with up to date, useful information and why we put chromium in our weight loss supplements.

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