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Don’t Let Stress Affect Your Workout Performance!

Posted by eBody on October 11th, 2016

Stress can affect your body and mind in so many ways. Usually, heading to the gym can seriously release that pent up tension that builds up over the day. Had a fight with your best friend? Take it out on the running machine. Your boss gave you grief all day long? Imagine their faces in the weight of a boxing bag  #BossLady

However, when you can’t harness the stress and turn it into a successful workout, fitness regimes fall apart and weight loss goals aren’t reached.

We’ve put together a list of how stress can affect your workout routines so that you can avoid derailing and keep on track!

1. Stress Slows Recovery

Research shows stress can make you more tired and sore after a tough workout. Then stress completely drains you, leaving you running on nothing, decreasing your chances of recovery after a workout.

2. No More Gains!

3. Stress Increases Your Risk of Injury

Stress increases your muscle tension. If you’re stressed your muscle tension is already tight so you are more likely to injure yourself during a workout.

4. Stress Slows Weight Loss

If you’re stressed you’re more likely to put on the pounds. It’s harder to overcome mental barriers when it comes to staying on track with fitness, and stress is one of the most common; if you let the pressure mount then the exercises will suffer as a result!

Remember, changing your mindset can seriously improve your performance levels. Don’t let stress get the better of you, harness it instead and direct it at those weights!

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