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We are leading the supplement revolution with our range of high quality and naturally sassy T5 Fat Burners and gym supplements, to help you to become healthier, leaner and sexier, than ever before.

We are eBody. We are a bold, empowering and dedicated online supplement brand, inspired by you. Our products are inspired and designed for you, our customers, our friends and our global influences.


Based in the UK, eBody manufacture the highest quality products, from our T5 Fat burner range to our herbal diet pills. Since 2004 we have been dedicated to providing our customers with the best nutritional guidance and quality of care, to help them along their weight loss journey, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Our research team have ensured that all of our products are made from the best natural ingredients to boost your metabolism and burn fat for maximum efficiency and quick weight loss results. All of our quality products are manufactured in the UK, in our facility licensed by the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). For your peace of mind, our production facility is approved to manufacture by the British Retail Consortium and operates the ISO 9001:2008 system.


From our introductory beginner fat burning bundle to our more advanced fat burners, such as T5 Hardcore, we strive to accelerate your weight loss results at your own healthy rate.


We provide the best products to suit every individual lifestyle and diet. Whether you’re out partying every weekend, or living for those nights curled up on the sofa, if you want to lose weight quickly, we can help you to achieve a lean body or burn fat whilst retaining muscle mass, to have you looking and feeling your best as soon as possible.


We are eBody, we are sexy, we are fierce, and we do things the eBody way. Join the revolution.

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